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Orlando, FL - March 9 & 16, 2024

The city of Orlando and Universal Studios will host the annual concert choir competition. The event has two dates to choose from to best fit your schedule. With the state-of-the-art sound and staging and Universal theme parks located just steps away, the HARD ROCK LIVE! is truly the best venue in Orlando! 

Your group will create memories that will last a lifetime as they perform on the same stage where many of today’s and yesterday’s most popular artists have been featured, the Hard Rock Live! 

Sample Itinerary



  • Arrive in Orlando

  • Check into the hotel

  • Dinner at Hard Rock



  • Enjoy the day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure (Disney parks can be substituted)




  • Performance

  • Adjudication

  • Clinic

  • Awards Presentation

  • Evening at Universal's City Walk



  • Check out of the hotel

  • Return to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

  • Depart for home at park closing

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